Demographics and Vital Information


The City of Downy is located 12 miles from Los Angeles Civic Center and 5 miles from Orange County. The city has a population of over 110,600 contained within an area of 12.5 square miles.

The average minimum temperature is about 46 degrees Fahrenheit and the average maximum temperature is about 83 degrees Fahrenheit.


The City of Downey is in a centralized location surrounded by various freeways.

Santa Ana Freeway (I-5)
San Gabriel Freeway (I-605)
Glen Anderson Freeway (I-105)
Long Beach Freeway (I-710)


The City of Downey has various forms of public transportation ranging from MTA buses, the local Downey Link to rail.

The City of Downey has many different types of shopping centers ranging from store front boutiques to the Stonewood Center Mall and the Downey Landing. For most part all major retailers have a location within the city

In the City of Downey you will find a wide variety of restaurants offering the best multicultural cuisine dining experiences. All of the major chain restaurants have locations within the city.

For your out of town business guest the City of Downey has hotels and motels to accommodate their lodging.

The City of Downey and the surrounding areas have a diverse pool of professional and semi-professional workers to draw from. Unique to this area are the vast number of individuals that are bi-lingual fluent in English and Spanish.

8280 E. Florence Ave., Suite 240
Downey, CA 90240
Phone: (562) 923-8080 Fax: (562) 299-1111